impresiones con tinta

solo la sed
el silencio
ningún encuentro

cuídate de mí amor mío
cuídate de la silenciosa en el desierto
de la viajera con el vaso vacío
y de la sombra de su sombra/ a.pizarnik


hipersomne dijo…
Caro. Tanto tiempo sin vernos, menos sin leernos oescribirnos...así no más es... Tu hermano sí que anda desaparecido...
Tú, presente. Una pregunta, ¿tienes de algún dato par alojar barato y central en baires? Le he escrito en un comentario a la Lorena la misma pregunta, pero nada.
Agradecería tu ayuda.
álgún por acá? Estoy en casa nueva, es bacán.
abrazo. (voy a copiar tu post de pizarnik)
Dear Carolina,

Through this means, we would like to make you an invitation to participate with your jewelery work in the Otro Diseño Pavilion at the most important art and studio jewelery exhibition in Europe, Sieraad 2006
( ), that will take place next December 10 to 14 in the Rai Exhibition Hall in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Over 300 studio jewelery designers from all over the world will present their work on the exhibition to gallery and shop owners, collectors, curators and general public from Holland and Europe.

Otro Diseño - Design from the South and the Latin American Design Foundation organize a carefully curated pavilion that will present the latest work of 30 designers from Southern countries. The public will be able to know and buy the pieces presented by the designers in an innovative and exclusive context.

The pavilion is partially subsidized by the Foundation, giving the designers the opportunity to participate in a prestigious and up-scale event with a minimum investment.

Your work has been highly recommended to us by one of the curators of the exhibition and there would be no need for you to be in the selection phase.

We are believe that your wonderful pieces would be an outstanding example of the work of contemporary Latin Amrican designers.

Otro Diseño - Design from the South, promotes the work of designers from Southern countries in Europe. With both a shop and gallery in the hearth of Amsterdam and the organization of diverse prestigious projects through the year, we currently promote the work of 139 designers from 21 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Jewelery is one of our strongest fields and we are sure that your work would fit wonderful with this particular project and that it would appeal the European public greatly.

Let us know if you are interested in receiving all the information of the event. We will email it asap.

We kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible if you are interested in participating in the project, as there is a limited amount of participants and we have too many applicants.

Do not hesitate to write or call if you have any question or comment.

Warmest greetings,

Valeria Siemelink
Otro Diseño
ma roulotte dijo…
!!! :)

p.s. you've inspired me to get my ink and brush and get drawing :)

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